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D.I.D. @ Ikebukuro Blackhole 2014.8.28


Set list:

SE. —-
01. atheism
02. the resolution
03. Good morning,MOTHER fxxker
04. acedia
05. W.O.D.
06. $howtime in the [World’s end.]


I had a feeling about this live from the beginning. When Sho posted a picture of himself, Tohma, Issei and Akane earlier this month, he also said that Akane would not be performing with them on the 3rd nor on the 30th, the last two lives on their schedule at that time. The 28th’s show was only announced two weeks after that, but technically they never said Akane wasn’t going to be with them. I also dreamed that Akane performed at this live, and I often tend to have premonition dreams. But as the day got closer and no one said a thing about Akane, I eventually just half-dismissed it as me being a deluded bangya.

In any case, I managed to get a REALLY good ticket and got to be in the front row near the center. D.I.D. was going to be the last band out of six to play. 

It took them FOREVER to do their sound check, so I thought they might be having technical trouble again. Somehow I still couldn’t shake off the feeling that Akane was there. When the lights dimmed, the SE started and the curtains finally opened, I could not believe my eyes when the first thing I noticed was a microphone sitting on the pedestal at the front of the stage. There was NEVER a microphone on the pedestal whenever Akane wasn’t there. And that could only really mean that there was going to be a vocalist. I pointed it out to the girl next to me, and we just looked at each other like WTF is going on. Tohma, Issei and Sho came on stage. So far nothing different than usual. Me and the girl stared at the door, whispering “Please come out! Please come out!” And… HE CAME OUT! 

Akane walked out on stage. No one knew. The members didn’t say a thing about it. They kept it a total secret from everyone. We were all literally jumping with joy and screaming his name. And he looked freakin’ happy to just be there and soak in all the love. It was easily one of the best show they ever gave.

I love D.I.D. to death, even without Akane, but tonight made me realize that they really are at their best when he is present. For the past few months, they’ve been doing their best but they were really missing his energy, the one he gave to the other members and to the fans. And it was good to be able to feel that again for the first time since February.

Sadly, I think it was just a one-time deal, at least until they come back from their hiatus, whenever/if that happens. But I’m happy I got to see D.I.D. whole again.

And for the records, Akane had a new tattoo on his right upper arm, a few lines of small, script text, but sorry I couldn’t read what it said. 


photo by Akane